Thoresby Woodfuels


Thoresby Woodfuels provides woodchip biomass, logs and firewood for sale

The wooded estate at Thoresby comprises over 700 hectares of mixed woodland. The woods fall into three main categories: commercial; landscape & amenity; nature conservation.

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The award-winning commercial woods, which are predominantly coniferous, are grown & managed sustainably to produce a regular supply of timber for sawmills around the country. Trees are harvested according to a programme agreed with the Forestry Commission and once the final crop of quality timber is felled and extracted, the ground is made ready for the establishment of a new wood. This can either be with saplings planted by spade, from seed broadcast from surrounding trees or a combination of both.



The woodland is managed by the Estate’s own Forestry team which has a vast number of years experience of the Estate and its woodland.

Jenz Chipper and Tractor

Woodchip Biomass

Thoresby Woodfuels is a member of the Biomass Suppliers List and produces woodchip using its own Jenz 360 woodchipper.

The majority of our chip comes from natural thinning’s from the Thoresby woodland.

Thoresby Woodfuels not only supplies two Thoresby installed biomass boilers but also a selection of local and national customers.

We are happy to show you our woods, our processing site, our biomass boiler or answer any query you may have. Just contact Ben Perry or Scott James on the details below: –

Scott James – 07968 137128
Ben Perry – 07854 355521

This project is supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, for which Defra is the Managing Authority, part financed by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas.